With OVER 10,000 NEW 
Facebook Likes In Under 10 Days!
A Quick & Easy Guide To Marketing Your Music on Facebook
What's Up!  My name is Chris Greenwood 

I'm a full time rock artist selling hundreds of thousands 
of albums, over a million singles and been featured in Forbes, TuneCore and the NFL.

If it wasn't for Social Media and specifically Facebook, I never would have the fanbase I have today. 

I wouldn't have raised over $45,000 on Kickstarter...
Plus I probably would be STUCK in a bad Record Deal

I have over 182,000 REAL Facebook Fans and over 
7 Years of experience marketing my music online!

Facebook Accelerator 
How To Get 10K Fans In Less Then 10 Days
I failed music in school and didn't start out with 182,000 likes on Facebook but that didn't stop me from pursing my dreams and shouldn't stop you either.  Use this system to get 10,000 fans and jump start your music career!

Why You Should Join The Facebook Accelerator Course...
  •  Social Proof Is Everything: When someone sees a ton of likes on a page in their mind it makes you look like the real deal.
  •  More Likes Means More Reach: After you have over 10,000 plus likes your posts will show up in more of your fans Facebook Feed
  •  Having More Likes = More Sales: The more people see your posts the more sales, streams and tickets you can sell to your fans! 
What Other Artists Are SAYING...
10 Days!? I got over 10,000 real fans in under 2! Thank you Chris!" 
- Scott Green

“BTW, you said to let you know when I went over 10k
10k Club bay-bay!  My shirt size is medium :)”
- Erik Stephen

Here it is! From 240 to 10,000 in less than a week! Thank you! 
Robin & Robin

I used the Facebook accelerator course and actually got over 10,000 fans in about 3 days. I slowed down a bit after that because I didn't have as much money left in my budget but I am almost to 20,000 fans now. As of now I have almost 7,000 instagram followers. I just bought the instagram course and the $4,000 a month course too. 
I can't wait to dive into those! I just wanted to say thank you. 
Crystal Reyes

A lot of great information for Facebook marketing, but also marketing in general. 
Buy this course, it's more than your money's worth.
- Quincy Valentine

This course is very informative yet concise. Christopher has explained it in a very simple and easy to follow way. I am off to create my Facebook ad now!
- Ezekiel Hawk

Holy crud. This thing works. I set it up for at midnight, I woke up 7 hours later and I had 300+ likes! I only spent 76 CENTS! Chris, you are amazing and so helpful. This will be amazing! Thank you soooo much
- Ben Weichler

It took me just 6 days to get my guys over 10,000 likes. Thank you for the simple instructions and knowledge. If the shirt thing is real, XL! Awesome job my man!
- Jeffrey Datres

This course is amazing!!! My likes are over 5,000 for a total of $20! Did you say you had a YouTube accelerator course? If so, how do I sign up. Thanks again! -EZ 
(Emily Zimmer)

If you are serious about your music or even if you are testing the waters as to what it might require, this is a great course with the information you need! Much appreciated
- Alex
Once you have 10,000 plus fans on your Facebook page... people are going to notice.
Booking Agents, Managers, artists & even labels still look at the numbers...

Plus when you have over 10,000 likes on Facebook and have a new music video, song or EP to promote you will actually have a fanbase to check you out! 

These are REAL targeted Fans... 

I don't BUY FAKE LIKES... That's not what this course teaches.

This course teaches you step-by-step how to get 10,000 real fans in less then 10 days.
Plus I give you strategies what to do once you have those 10,000 fans.
  •  Any artist or musician who is just getting started and wants to accelerate their success but not sure what to focus on.
  •  The artist or musician who has been in the game for awhile but wants to start seeing real results TODAY.
  •  The touring the globe artist who wants to start focus on monetizing their music online instead of always hitting the pavement. 
  •  ENGAGEMENT - If you want to get not just likes to your page but engagement from fans then the bonus Engagement Accelerator is exactly what you need. 
<<< YOU CAN DO THIS! >>>
My Page Got Over 13,000 likes in a week... And so can you!!!
This Strategy Works!
#1 - How long will it take to get 10,000 Fans and how much do I have to spend to get there?
Many artists get results in less then 24 hours depending on how quickly you watch and implement.
The course costs $47 or there is a 2 payment option
Most artists hit 10,000 fans for $100 or less and you can grow it way beyond that as well. 
#2 - Are these real fans? 
I teach you how to target fans that already like your genre of music so that you can get real fans that would actually buy your music
#3 - What happens after I get 10,000 fans? 
Good question! After you get 10,000 fans I will teach you how to get engagement which is super important! 
How do I join the 10K Club?
Once you hit 10,000 views using this system, email me your success story and results and I will mail you out a FREE 10k club shirt just to say congrats! That's how much I guarantee this works!
Inside The Course
A step-by-step marketing system showing you how to get 10,000 plus fans on Facebook in less then 10 days

BONUS (Engagement Accelerator) Not only will you get new fans but you'll learn how to get real engagement from them when you post videos, photos or do Facebook Lives. 


A proven success strategy that boosts your results on Facebook in less then 10 days!

"WOW! Great instructor from someone who's been through it all. Really opened my eyes on the steps to take to making the transition into music as my full-time career. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE making music, and sharing it with the world - couldn't see myself as anything else but an artist. I personally owe all my thanks to Manafest.” 
“Excellent Teacher and Excellent Course. He was very clear and direct on how to make money with my music. I am going to take all his courses--great teaching and value for me. Thank you. I am a songwriter who needs all the help he can give me.”